Jalerran’s Queen Of The Night at 10 months.


Intro: Aria comes to us from an awesome breeder, Jess. We were very fortunate to bring home Jess’ pick female from a wonderful breeding, and we are very grateful. Aria is our second show dog, but more than that she is the heart of our pack, a complete sweetheart, and an amazing puppy raiser. Since we never got to show Juno before he was 12 months, we had a lot of fun with Aria. She was a Puppy of Achievement, taking a BOB and BOS in the 4-6 month puppy competition. She also took a Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3 from the 6-9 month puppy class. Aria is AKC major-pointed from the 9-12 month puppy class and she has too many major reserves to count. She took some time off of showing to mature, and we hope to finish her championship in the near future!

aria win greenwich
Aria going Best Puppy at 8 months.

Health & Conformation: Aria is OFA hips good, and she is due for an eye check. She is a smaller and heavier girl at 20.5 inches and 40 pounds. Aria’s mother Stella is one of my favorite Siberian bitches, and so far Aria has taken after Stella in most ways. Aria is very showy with a gorgeous neck and lovely headpiece. Her movement is also very good, though she is still too much of a toddler at heart and likes to bounce around the ring. She has nice proportions, though I’d like more leg on her. She is extremely athletic and agile — she has the best spin moves in our yard. She loves to show and likes to launch herself into the ring even when it’s not our turn yet.

stella stack 2
Aria’s mom, Stella.

Temperament: I don’t know if Aria will ever grow out of being a puppy. She tries to play with every dog she sees, whether at home, at the dog park, or at a show. She is the heart of our family and the glue that holds our pack together, since she brings everyone together. She is incredibly gentle, patient, and sweet with all dogs, people, and puppies. She and Marvin are like twin toddlers — they enjoy antagonizing each other and can usually be found getting into trouble together. Like most Siberians, Aria is not the most obedient dog. She generally pretends that she can’t understand what commands you are giving her. We used to wonder if she was hearing impaired. If you give her a command that she likes to do, however, she will do it 100% of the time. She’s great at “paw”. “Sit”? Not so much. She loves to cuddle and will wedge herself under your arm if you let her sleep with you.

Drive: we kind of knew we had our hands full when Aria thought every walk was a sprint race, even at 8 weeks old. Aria loves to pull. She is that dog who backs up and launches herself into the air if you stop for too long. She pushes all of our dogs to go faster. She doesn’t quite have the endurance to race, and she has no idea how to pace herself, but she loves to mush recreationally.

This photo depicts Aria’s happy-go-lucky personality perfectly.


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