Summer Update

We said goodbye to our last puppy from the Serena x Valley litter last week, so we are enjoying more one-on-one time with the dogs. Although, of course, Gracie still takes up most of our time! She is growing up so fast and learning so much each day. This litter was very developmentally advanced from day one, and Gracie continues to exceed our expectations. She learned to be quiet while crated in the car in one day. She goes on 40-minute car rides without a peep at 9 weeks old!

We have started taking her hiking at a trail near our house. She loved it and walked most of the way, although we put her in a carrier when she seemed tired. She also went to her first puppy class and she was the best behaved puppy there! She loved all the people and played nicely with all the other puppies. During breaks, she sat quietly at Dan’s feet. She received many pets and compliments!

Other than socializing Gracie, we have been trying out our Firepaw slatmill with a few of our dogs. I can’t tell if they are enjoying it yet, but it sure is cool to watch them run while I sit on the couch!

We are also taking advantage of our new patio space with outdoor outlets to groom our dogs. Lillie is pictured enjoying her spa day!


It is currently 90 degrees outside, so this video is definitely not recent! But this hot summer weather has me reminiscing of my last time skijoring two winters ago with Valley and Serena. This past winter we spent moving and my skis were still in storage the one time we had good snow. We are hoping to find some good skijoring trails this winter now that we moved to a more rural part of Fairfield County. We recently went hiking with our 9-week-old baby Gracie for the first time and she loved it! Didn’t see a single off-leash dog the whole time until the very end, at the parking lot. That is the biggest challenge with finding a good mushing trail in Connecticut. There are off-leash dogs everywhere. I am paranoid about them, so I usually have Dan follow us when we mush in case I need help with off-leash dogs. This doesn’t work too great when I’m racing down a trail skijoring and Dan is trying to keep up jogging.


This is my happy place! Dan bought me a fat tire bike for Christmas, and we finally got a chance to take it for a spin. This is a short clip of Marv and Cece pulling me on the bike. The two of them are turning into quite the sled dogs, and they work really well together as a team. Marv is more of a trail leader while Cece is becoming a command leader, which is really cool to see. They did almost 5 miles on rocky and hilly terrain, and neither of them were winded at the end. Marv did need a couple of days off after this run, but Cece was her usual boisterous self by the next morning. She is certainly following in her ancestors’ footsteps!

We are planning to enter the Naugatuck Mushing Race this weekend and the Pachaug Mushing Race the weekend after that to prep for the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race over MLK weekend. That will be our first ever run on snow this season, so wish us luck! I will be doing the 2-dog skijor class with Marv and Cece.