Intro: Serena is our keeper puppy from our 2019 litter, out of Juno and Keeper. She is a wonderful mix of her parents in both conformation and temperament. This litter completely surpassed my expectations. Keeper’s owner and I both feel that Serena is an improvement upon her parents, which is what you hope to see as a breeder. We have received many compliments about her from fellow breeders/exhibitors as well as judges, and we are super excited about her future! As a 4-6 month old puppy, she took numerous group placements. In her third show weekend, she went winners bitch and best of winners for a 4 point major at only 10 months old. Not only was it her first time being away from home, she was completely naked as well. At her first specialty she won her 12-18 class several times in a huge class of lovely bitches. At her second specialty, she placed 4th in a tough bred-by class. One of the highlights of her show career thus far was taking BOS from the bred-by class over several specials, one of which earned an AOM at that year’s Westminster. At the 2021 SHCA National Specialty, she won her sweeps class over a top-ranked bitch under sweeps judge Karen Shaner. She also placed in a huge bred-by class. Her first show back after the National, she finished her championship.

Health & Conformation: Serena is OFA hips excellent and OFA eyes normal. We have done Embark DNA testing on her, and she does not carry any of the identifiable genetic diseases in Siberians. Serena does not carry red, so none of her offspring will be red. She is a medium-sized bitch at 21 inches and 46 pounds. Her proportions are close to ideal for us, and so is her substance. She has a stunning headpiece with gorgeous eye shape and set. Type-wise she is very close to what we are striving to breed. Her movement is a wonderful combination of her parents, and we have received many compliments on her lovely sidegait.

Temperament: Serena inherited her dad’s confidence and intelligence and her mom’s sweetness. She is the most human-like of our dogs, and she knows exactly what she wants and how to ask for it. Like Juno, she seems to have a sense of humor. She is basically a girl version of him, much more tomboyish compared to our other girls. While Juno likes head scratches and belly rubs occasionally, she demands pets and won’t take no for an answer. That is, until something catches her attention and she runs off. She does love to torment everyone in the pack, especially her best friend Valley, and gets put in plenty of time-outs. She has an extremely showy personality and enjoys showing for the most part. She finds it boring after a while, though, and is not a fan of waiting around.

Drive/obedience: We have started to take Serena on short runs in harness and she has good drive and focus so far. She is very athletic and has good muscle and endurance for her age – she can almost keep up with Cece in the yard! She also has the intelligence and attention span to be a leader. We are very excited to see what Serena can do in a harness this fall/winter. Serena earned her Trick Dog Intermediate title at just 7 months old! She has the potential to be our first rally/obedience dog. 

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