Intro: Gracie is our keeper from our 2022 litter out of Serena and Valley. We imported Valley as a puppy from Costa Rica because we thought he would be a good match for Serena. The breeding turned out even nicer than I expected, and Gracie was everything I had been hoping for. She is one of our smartest dogs, which she gets from her mom and grandpa Juno. Gracie is a much more laidback version of Serena, a bit more feminine and more submissive. She is inquisitive and thoughtful, and her tail is always wagging a million times a minute. In a few short months, Gracie has blown all our expectations out of the water in the conformation ring. She picked things up really quickly and shows like she’s done it a million times. Her second weekend out at 6 months old, she went BOS over top bitch specials. The next weekend, she picked up her first major. The weekend after that, she went to the AKC National Championship in Orlando and took back-to-back 5 point majors in stellar competition to finish her championship at just 7 months old. We have gotten tons of compliments on her from judges, professional handlers, and fellow exhibitors/breeders.

Health & Conformation: Gracie will be tested for OFA eyes and hips when she is old enough. She is clear of all identifiable genetic diseases in Siberians through parentage. She is red-factored, so we look forward to possibly having some reds out of her when she grows up! Gracie is really close to our ideal dog, and at this point there are only small things we would change about her. She has her mom’s excellent proportions and effortless sidegait as well as dad’s angulation and strong rear. Her coat type and head type are a nice combination of her parents. She has a nicer croup/rear than both her parents, which was something we were really hoping to improve with this breeding. She is a very moderate dog at about 21 inches and 40 pounds.

Temperament: Gracie is sweet and cuddly like her mom but she doesn’t demand attention the way Serena does. She is a quieter dog in general and seems very in tune with the people around her. She is much calmer around other dogs and doesn’t torment them the way Serena likes to, but she does give it right back to Serena! She enjoys meeting strangers and is confident in new environments but gets more excited to see her family members. Gracie is just a super easy dog to live with, which is what we were looking for in this breeding. While Serena is a character that keeps us on our toes, we can only handle one of her! Gracie has definitely inherited Serena’s showy attitude in the ring, though.

Drive/obedience: It’s too early to tell whether Gracie inherited Valley’s drive in harness, but if she did she will be a monster! She is extremely athletic and light on her feet. She seems more biddable than Serena so far, and equally smart, so we think she will excel in anything that we try with her!

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