Intro: Izzy comes to us from a good friend, Ann Schultz of Anntikki Siberians. She has a diverse and interesting pedigree of top show dogs as well as top sled dogs. Her parents themselves are very nice as well. Her mom CH Aoi’s Sakura took a huge BOS at the pre-National specialty in 2018. After seeing how promising she and her brothers were, I couldn’t pass her up! The fact that her breeder is such a wonderful person is just the cherry on top. Izzy brings a lot of qualities to our kennel that we are looking to improve, particularly coat, neck length, and rear movement. She is also the sweetest and most biddable of all our girls, possibly our new most biddable dog! Izzy’s show career got off to a great start at the 2021 SHCA National Specialty, where she made the cut in strong BPUP competition. Her next show out, she took a working group first in a lovely group of 4-6 month puppies. We are so excited for her future – in the ring, on the trail, and in the whelping box!

Health & Conformation: Izzy will have her OFA eyes and hips done when she is old enough. We have done Embark DNA testing on her, and she does not carry any of the identifiable genetic diseases in Siberians. Izzy does not carry red, so none of her offspring will be red. She is around 30 pounds at 6 months old, so she will likely mature to be a medium-sized bitch, with moderate bone and angulation. She is mostly floof! Izzy has a lovely headpiece with correct almond-shaped eyes, good eyeset and earset, and perfect muzzle length. Her stop is also ideal for me. We will see how her proportions end up when she is mature, but they are looking great at 6 months old. She has fantastic and correct reach/drive, and her rear action has always been her strength.

Temperament: Izzy has a phenomenal temperament. She is exceptionally smart and in-tune with her humans, and she is also very attached to us. She is still very independent and able to entertain herself, but she loves attention from her people. She is interested in strangers, but she prefers us to them. Izzy gets along with everyone in the pack, and she also loves to play with other dogs outside our pack. She is very submissive to our older dogs, but she isn’t afraid of anyone outside the pack – even if they tower over her! Breeders who have combined show and working lines say that these dogs are different, in a good way. Although her working line ancestor is quite a few generations back, his temperament definitely comes out in her intelligence and biddability.

Drive/obedience: We have not started to work with Izzy in harness as she is too young, but she has good drive and focus and absolutely loves to run. Despite being a puppy, she can keep up with our older girls in the yard. Ever since she was a little baby, she has been able to outrun me! Since she is so biddable, I’m sure she would do great in obedience or agility. I haven’t tried to train her for that, since we have been focusing on showing, but I definitely want to try it in the future.

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