This is my happy place! Dan bought me a fat tire bike for Christmas, and we finally got a chance to take it for a spin. This is a short clip of Marv and Cece pulling me on the bike. The two of them are turning into quite the sled dogs, and they work really well together as a team. Marv is more of a trail leader while Cece is becoming a command leader, which is really cool to see. They did almost 5 miles on rocky and hilly terrain, and neither of them were winded at the end. Marv did need a couple of days off after this run, but Cece was her usual boisterous self by the next morning. She is certainly following in her ancestors’ footsteps!

We are planning to enter the Naugatuck Mushing Race this weekend and the Pachaug Mushing Race the weekend after that to prep for the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race over MLK weekend. That will be our first ever run on snow this season, so wish us luck! I will be doing the 2-dog skijor class with Marv and Cece.

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  1. Good Luck Rebecca, CeCe is doing well under your care and i am sure loves all the opportunities you provide for her. The team looks nice best wishes on your races
    Lori Lee
    Driftdancer Siberians

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