It is currently 90 degrees outside, so this video is definitely not recent! But this hot summer weather has me reminiscing of my last time skijoring two winters ago with Valley and Serena. This past winter we spent moving and my skis were still in storage the one time we had good snow. We are hoping to find some good skijoring trails this winter now that we moved to a more rural part of Fairfield County. We recently went hiking with our 9-week-old baby Gracie for the first time and she loved it! Didn’t see a single off-leash dog the whole time until the very end, at the parking lot. That is the biggest challenge with finding a good mushing trail in Connecticut. There are off-leash dogs everywhere. I am paranoid about them, so I usually have Dan follow us when we mush in case I need help with off-leash dogs. This doesn’t work too great when I’m racing down a trail skijoring and Dan is trying to keep up jogging.

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